If you had to pick one, who would it be?

You have probably heard over the last few days that we have a little snow in the forecast. They are calling the winter storm "Harper" and instead of worrying about how much we are going to get, we decided to take a different approach.

We have accepted that we are gonna get a whole bunch of snow and got talking about being stuck in the house for couple of days and who we would want to be stuck with from the wonderful world of country stars.

I know that for me, I get excited to be stuck in the house binge watching something and of course this Sunday we have some really big NFL football games to watch.

So you have all of the snacks and stuff you need to get through the storm but who are you stuck in the house with? If you could pick one person from the world of country music to be cuddled up with this weekend, who would it be?

Jess says she would love to be stuck with Brett Eldredge but only if he brings "Edgar" his super adorable dog!

For me, I would have to go with Jana Kramer just because I would like to offer up some help with her "latching" issues, and if you can't hear it, Jess just screamed that she HATES ME!!!

How about you guys? Who do you want to spend a snowy Hudson Valley weekend with? Call the show or leave us a comment on Facebook.

Be safe this weekend!

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