A $8 million floating solar project takes a step forward on an Upstate New York reservoir.

One of the biggest movements over the last couple of years has been how to "save the planet". There are numerous changes we can try to do our part but one of the biggest changes we've noticed recently is that more and more households are moving away from using traditional gas and electricity to heat and power their homes by going solar.

Solar Panels on House

Take a look around your neighborhood, I bet that at least one of your neighbors has installed solar panels on their roof in the last couple of years. Homes with solar panels have skyrocketed in the last five years and now it appears that one Upstate New York City is preparing to take solar to the next level similar to what Sayreville, New Jersey did recently.

Sayreville New Jersey Solar Panels
City of Cohoes

New York's First Floating Solar Array

The city of Cohoes, New York announced a while back that they were planning to add 8,000 solar panels on the Cohoes Reservoir to turn the city into a leader in renewable energy. Cohoes Mayor Bill Keeler along with other officials held a groundbreaking ceremony on Monday (Earth Day) on the first-in-the-nation municipal-owned Floating Solar Array according to WTEN.

Cohoes Reservoir
City of Cohoes, New York

The $8 million project plans to cover around 66 percent of the Cohoes Reservoir (above) with 8,000 solar panels that will not only benefit the environment by generating renewable energy but it will also save local taxpayers money according to Mayor Keeler,

"Currently, we spend over half a million dollars on our electric bill alone. Once the project is fully operational, those costs will be eliminated entirely."

The majority of the $8 million price tag is expected to be covered by grants from the National Grid along with the state and federal government. It's expected to be finished by early 2025.

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Hudson Valley Reservoirs Next?

If the Cohoes floating solar array has positive results do you think any of the Hudson Valley reservoirs could be the next to try something like this? Would local officials ever consider using the Neversink, Ashokan, or Roundout reservoirs for something like this? Would you be in favor? Let us know through our station app above.

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