Who do you think did what this weekend?

Every Monday Jess and I get to recap our weekends with a little thing we call "Three Things". We bring a list of the things we did over the weekend and each pick three things off of our lists and read them to you on the air. Your job is to try and figure out who did what?

If you missed our reading on air, here are the three things for each of us:

Person one,

1. Started a football card collection
2. Laughed really hard
3. Went to a football game

Peron two,

1. Celebrated a 91st birthday
2. Finished Stranger Things on Netflix
3. Heard some spooky stories

So who did what?....

Thank you for watching and don't forget to make plans to be at the Wolf Cider Jam this Wednesday from 4-7 p.m. at Angry Orchard in Walden with the West Point Benny Havens Band. Admission is free!

Have a great week!

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