Okay, so I wouldn't make a good weather person or maybe I would as long as I don't have to be accurate. About a month ago I took a look at the winter forecast with some help from the Farmer's Almanac. There was a chance that we might get an early snow fall in late October. For fun I picked a date when I thought we might see flakes fly. Well I was mistaken, I guess.

I picked October 27th as the day we might seeing frozen precipitation in the Hudson Valley for the first time this winter. So looking out across this weeks forecast it seems rain this week is a yes but snow is a no.

Boy throwing snow
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So when will the first snow grace the Hudson Valley landscape? I don't know and I am not going to hedge a guess, after all my first prediction was way off. But if you consult the Almanac other than a possible flurry our first snow storm is predicted for late November sometime between the 22nd and the 26th which happens to be the week of Thanksgiving.

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