Let's talk Turkey and Thanksgiving dinner. This is the meal everyone looks forward to all year so why not give it a dress rehearsal or two before the big day. With Halloween only  days and hopefully all the candy bought but not eaten, it is time to talk turkey. If you have ever been involved in cooking a Thanksgiving dinner you know this isn’t something you just throw together like a Rachel Ray one pan dinner. Planning and maybe even a few trial runs are a good idea in order to take the stress off preparing the meal that can make or break a holiday.

So why not plot out what you want to serve and then over the next few weeks leading up to Thanksgiving pick a few dishes including the turkey and serve them on a random Tuesday. Imagine what a treat it would be for your hungry family to walk in to dinner and discover they are getting a Thanksgiving preview.

Martha teaches us about Fresh vs. Frozen and more. (Prices are from 2014)

So now that you are practicing Thanksgiving Dinner it also means you will have time to research turkey leftover ideas.

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