You may not be familiar with Martha Stewart's monthly calendar (now called Gentle Reminders) that is published each month in her magazine but I always found it fun to read. She actually plots things she is going to do for the month on one calendar. Who does that? Turns out me, now that we are at home for another 30 days.

Now that we know that we will be continuing to "stay home" for the month of April it is probably time to start thinking about things to do to keep busy for the next 30 days. I have decided to put together a calendar which is probably more like a things to do list. I figure if it resembles a calendar some of the boring icky things might seem more fun.

So here we go Day 1 of Stay at Home April - Calendar task - Clean living room windows. (this is one of the not so fun ones, I promise they'll get better)

Now that the sun is shining I can actually see how dirty the windows have gotten around the house. It's not just the glass, even the window sills are dirty. I am blaming it on the fact that this winter was dustier because we had less snow. Whatever the reason it is time to clean them up. Doing all the window is a bit much so lets break this up to one room a day. After all we do have all of April to get to the rest.

So if you are going to play along with this month long adventure you officially have your first task. I promise windows won't be tomorrows item.

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