Lets be real here, cooking a turkey is a real pain in the butt.

If you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner you're probably dreading putting that big bird in the oven. Turkey takes hours to cook and there's a 50-50 chance that it wont burn or come out too dry.

Have you ever thought of a changing up your cooking routine for Thanksgiving? And no, I'm not talking about catering, even though that is a pretty good idea.

The website Chubbies has introduced the strangest way to cook Thanksgiving dinner this year. They suggest you use a dishwasher.

You read that correctly. Cook your 2017 Thanksgiving dinner in the dishwasher. All you need are your ingredients and some mason jars.

You'll have to heat up your dishwasher to the highest degree and, naturally, leave out the soap.

You'll have to let the food run for, I mean cook for 3 cycles to reach full preparedness.

I'm not sure if I'm fully convinced that this is actually a thing, but I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a try. I know not to trust the Facebook comment section, but I did read the best way to cook Salmon was on the top rack.

How will you be cooking your Thanksgiving dinner this year?



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