Thanksgiving is coming up on Nov. 25. Less than a month away. That doesn’t give us a whole lot of time to save our money for what experts are predicting could be our most expensive Thanksgiving ever.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. It’s the perfect storm for a pricey holiday. Supplies are short, nobody has enough people to work, and boxes of unloaded goods sit where we can’t get to them. And that is not going to make for an easy Thanksgiving. Will it affect those of us here in the Hudson Valley? You bet it will.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that your grocery bills have been higher lately. Since Thanksgiving is basically an eating holiday, it stands to reason that we’ll be spending more for our Thanksgiving meals. According to CBS News who sites the American Farm Bureau, this year’s Thanksgiving dinner will cost 4% to 5% more than last year’s feast. The only good news here is that people spent less last year than they usually do because of covid. But this year’s costs will still top years previous to the pandemic.

The other thing that will affect Thanksgiving celebrators is the cost of getting to your overpriced Thanksgiving dinner. The cost of gas is higher than it’s been in years, so if driving is part of your Thanksgiving your wallet will take a hit there as well. 

So, we’ll be spending more at the grocery store and more at the pumps. Is it worth it? I think so. Thanksgiving is one of those rare holidays that don’t require you to buy gifts. It’s all about food, family, friends and being thankful. It may cost a bit more, but I am thankful that we’ll be able to put food on the table and be with loved ones.

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