Did you ever have a snack as a kid that you still long to eat today? One that brings instant memories of good times, and possibly a few sibling fights too?

For my family, that was always animal crackers. Every time I would go to my grandmother's house, she would have a whole container of animal crackers, or better yet, she would give each one of us, one of those little boxes of animal crackers.

When was the last time you ate animal crackers? Do you buy them in the little box, or have you found them in the containers that are shaped like a bear? Here is one reason, you might not want to grab those cookies too quickly, just yet.

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Which animal crackers have recently been recalled by the FDA?

Superior Landscaping
Superior Landscaping

The animal crackers that have been recalled are very specific. They are the frosted (white fudge) kind, that also have sprinkles on them. The ones recalled are in the 44 oz size that are in the container that is clear and bear-shaped, with a best buy date of Feb 21, 2023.

Why were the animal crackers sold at Target stores recalled?

The cookies were recalled because little pieces of metal wire were found in a few of the containers. If you bought these cookies, you need to return them for a replacement or a refund.

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