Police have allegedly located the car that struck and killed a 21-year-old Ulster County resident in January.

Back in January, we told you about a tragic accident that tragically took the life of a 21-year-old Saugerties woman who was walking along Route 9W between the Village of Saugerties and the hamlet of Malden, New York.

The accident happened at approximately 5:09 p.m. on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, and sadly took the life of Starllie Swonyoung from Saugerties.

Saugerties Police Department/Google Maps
Saugerties Police Department/Google Maps

Saugerties Police Have Car Involved in Accident

Police quickly identified Swonyoung as the victim and launched an extensive investigation to try and figure out what happened and who was responsible for the accident. Saugerties Police asked the community for help in locating the vehicle involved in the accident and after following numerous leads it appears that they have located the car according to the Daily Freeman.

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Saugerties Police Chief Robert Nuzzo recently told the Saugerties Village Board that his department allegedly has the vehicle involved and is waiting to present its findings to a grand jury before they announce who the owner is.


Lengthy Investigation

Right after the tragic accident occurred Nuzzo made it clear they would find who was responsible but did say it would take time, "When that accident happened I told (investigators) it was going to take some old-time police work tied into modern technology." Nuzzo also said, "Hopefully in the next few days we're going to come to a resolution in that case. We'll close it out for the family of that poor girl."

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Leads to find who was responsible for the accident came from calls from the community, reviewing security camera footage, and numerous other sources leading the Chief to say,

"We got test results confirming the suspect's vehicle, we hope to identify the driver in the next day or so."

This is a developing story so when police do announce the suspect we will update this article.

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