Speedway owner tells Town Planning Board "I'm sorry I even asked you."

Back in January the owner/operator of the popular Accord Speedway in Ulster County, NY approached the Town of Rochester Planning Board with a proposal that would allow the race track to host non-racing events throughout the year.

Accord Speedway Plans to Host Other Events

The proposal which was submitted earlier this year outlined how the speedway located at 299 Whitfield Road in the hamlet of Accord in the town of Rochester, NY would like to host 12 non-racing events throughout the year. Once the proposal was submitted many in the community were split on whether they thought it was a good idea or not.

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Accord Community Split

Community members who opposed the plans cited numerous factors as to why they didn't want additional events at the speedway including increased traffic and noise. On the other side, many supporters thought the proposal was a great idea and were hopeful that new events would lead to a business boom in the area.

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Google Maps

Speedway Owner Changes Mind

Gary Palmer, owner, and operator at the Accord Speedway has backed away from the proposal after hearing from many in the community according to the Daily Freeman. At the February 12th town planning board meeting the board instructed Twin Track Promotions (Palmer) to develop site plans for each type of non-racing event that would be possibly held at the Speedway.

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Google Maps

Palmer then told the board that his aspiration for holding non-racing events has changed saying,

"To be honest with you … I’m really turned off about this concert (aspect). I don’t even want to do it. I’m sorry I ever asked you. I had a bunch of people coming to me."

It's unclear if Palmer is giving up on the proposal or not after being asked for site plans but the board said they expect site plans for non-racing events at its next session on March 11th.

Planning Board attorney David Gordon told the Freeman, "The most basic thing in a site plan approval is the site plan. If you’re going to have a concert, we’d like to see a site plan."

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There are many supporters in the community for new events at the speedway and track representative Ken McGuire thanked them. He also provided a good point saying,

"There’s not many businesses that can survive, much less thrive, being limited to 20 or 30 days of operation. Your malls are open 356 days a year and they go out of business."

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Following the town's next meeting we will update this article with the board's findings but until then do you think it's a good idea to hold non racing events at the Accord Speedway? Let us know your thoughts through our station app above.

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