Located in the Hudson Valley's Ulster County, Saugerties brings you close to both the sweeping Catskill Mountains as well as the Hudson River.

Like most of the Hudson Valley, the Dutch were some of the first settlers to come to the Saugerties area in 1677, encountering the already established Esopus Sachem Tribe. According to the Saugerties Chamber of Commerce, the land Saugerties sits on was purchased by the Dutch from the Esopus in exchange for "a piece of cloth, a shirt, a loaf of bread, and maize." In the early 1800s, industry came to the area. Dams were built to utilize water power and make for an ideal place to build mills. Aside from the water power, Saugerties also naturally provided coveted bluestone.

Today, Saugerties brings travelers to come see some of their preserved history like the Kiersted House, Seamon Park, and the Saugerties Lighthouse.

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