The people at Google must be really concerned about us because this is honestly just embarrassing.

I have to be extremely careful that I don't have any typos in this article or I might never hear the end of it. People struggle with all kinds of different subjects in school. Some have trouble with math, history or science and others have difficulty spelling. It can be caused by a few different factors. Learning disabilities can be a leading cause for poor spelling but the convenience of cell phones and other devices with autocorrect may be one of the biggest reasons today.

I have always had a knack for spelling so it's hard for me to comprehend how others have difficulty with some of these words. Then again I struggled in other subjects.

After a quick search I discovered that the most misspelled word in 1989 was separate. In 2007 it was definitely. When the difficult words are divided by state it becomes far more concerning.

The most misspelled word according to Google Trends is quarter? How does this happen? Is it because we don't carry change around anymore? Is it because we did away with toll booths?

To be fair when most people type words into the Google search engine they may not put too much effort into the spelling knowing that Google will most likely correct it automatically or still understand what you are looking for.

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