You must be this old to shop at this New York Target store!

The holiday season is here and at one time or another, you have probably found yourself walking around your local Target store trying to find the perfect gift for that special someone. Maybe you needed some of the holiday "trimmings" (wrapping paper, decorations, etc.) that accompany this time of year.

No matter what it is, Target is one of the most popular places to shop this time of year, but can you imagine having to show your I.D. to be allowed to shop?


Age Restrictions at New York Target Store

The Target Store located in the Bronx, New York has apparently instituted a new age restriction for shoppers according to a video posted on social media by Business Blurb.

The video (below) shows a sign outside of the store stating, "All guests under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult at this Target store," and as the person filming continues and enters the store, there appears to be numerous changes to the shopping experience at the New York store.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Why Has Target Changed the Way Shoppers Shop?

It's been well documented that Target is one of the stores that has been hit the hardest recently when it comes to retail theft, things have gotten so bad that Target had to close a select few New York locations earlier this year. In an attempt to combat retail theft Target has not only put age restrictions on shoppers at the Bronx store, it has also allegedly closed all the self-checkouts, which requires all customers to now check out with a cashier.

The store also now requires anyone buying cosmetics to pay for them in the cosmetics section of the store.

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It's unclear if Target is planning to bring these new security features to any other stores or not but do you think this store is going too far with these new security measures? Would you be OK shopping at a Hudson Valley Target that had the same rules? Let us know through our station app above.

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