I have always been a fan of the visual arts.  When I was little my Grandfather always gave my sister and I paper and pencils to draw to keep us busy. I enjoyed drawing but I never got the art bug. My sister on the other hand went on to art school and has become an accomplished painter.

Watching my sister throughout her art career and having friends who are artist as well, I have seen how hard it can be to get your work out there for all to enjoy. That is why I really enjoy places like Roost Studios and Art Gallery in New Paltz. They not only have an amazing collection of artists who show with them, but they also create opportunities for up and coming artists in the community.

One of those opportunities is their Roost Studios 2021 Virtual Student Art Competition. This event invites both New Paltz High School and SUNY New Paltz students to submit their work for consideration where they can in turn win a $250 scholarship and have then work showcased in a virtual exhibition.

Roost Studios will award four $250 scholarship with this program and is hoping to help local students work towards their goals as an artist. All students selected will be in the running for the scholarship money and they will also be featured in the virtual student art exhibition.

Students who want to be part of this event need to apply by March 31, 2021. You can follow the button link below to see more information on how to submit your work for consideration. The actual virtual exhibit will be held in April for all of us to enjoy.




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