Have you ever noticed the amazing colors in the night sky? We have the most amazing sunset in the Hudson Valley. Purples, oranges, yellows and grays all mix together to making it look like the sky is on fire. Fortunately, along with those amazing skies we also have amazing artists who can capture the moment.

The Hudson Valley is well known for its art. The natural light we have in our region has been the drawing artist to the area for hundreds of years. The natural light also makes our outdoor painting experiences worth the effort. Plein Air painting in the Hudson Valley is very popular. Plein Air is the technique of painting outside and the finished piece reflects the area where the painter has set up to Paint.

On Saturday May 22 the Mohonk Preserve and Roost Studios and Art Gallery will again hold a Plein Air Art Walk. The one they had last fall was a huge success. It gave Hudson Valley Artist the chance to paint while people stool by to watch and then later the paintings were up for sale in an online auction. This Springs event is from 10 AM to 3 PM next Saturday (May 22, 2021) and it is free to members of the preserve. Others can stroll the walk for a $15 fee.

This Springs Art Walk will have 26 artist represented and many of them artists who are highly collectible. On the day of the event artist will be located in Pin Oak Allee, the Lenape Lane Carriage road and at the Ridgeview trail. People strolling through are invited to watch the artist as they paint and create pieces of original art. Then when the day has concluded the pieces painted will be up for auction, the proceeds which help benefit the artist, the Mohonk Preserve and Roost Studios.

Here is the list of the Participating artists expect to be painting that day:

Jane Bloodgood-Abrams
Linda Champanier
Cathy Copeland
Greg Correll
Mary Anne Erickson
Staats Fasoldt
Mira Fink
Stacie Flint
Tarryl Gabel
Carl Grauer
Emeline Hastings
Barbara Holt
Jennifer Keltos
Martha Klein
Eva Kusmirek Stamper
Ward Lamb
Matt Maley
Laura Martinez-Bianco
Jacqueline O'Malley-Satz
Lynda Pyka
Nicole Saunders
Daniel Shornstein
Tomi Stern
Marion Suarez-Schenck
Marianne Tully
Marlene Wiedenbaum

If you have ever want to own an original piece of art but haven't started your collection yet  this event will get you up and rolling. The artist listed above are one of the most talent group in our region. Even if you don't want a piece of art the walk and watching the artists are worth attending the event.

Look at the amazing views from the Walkway over the Hudson.

Stunning Walkway Sunrises

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