Just because winter is in the review mirror doesn't mean we don't have weather concerns in the Hudson Valley. As a matter of Fact all this week New York is recognizing "Severe Weather Awareness Week". Are you ready for severe weather?

No one expected the earthquake we had a few weeks back. And last summer's flooding in July was catastrophic. This is the type of event that you need to be prepared for at home. It is really important that you have a plan for your family. If communication is cut off will your family know what to do to be reunited?

Have a Plan for Emergencies and Sever Weather in New York

Years ago after Hurricane Irene my family drew up a plan for what to do in an emergency. We head out the door every day in different directions and it became apparent to us that if something happened and we could call we would need a plan in order for us to reunite.

Rockland County Flooding July 9 2023 New York State Police via Facebook
Rockland County Flooding July 9 2023 New York State Police via Facebook

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This plan also made us realize and so did Irene that we were not ready for severe summer weather if it took out our electricity. Since Hurricane Irene, we have built a solid plan for what we need to do depending on the type of emergency.

How to Get Emergency Preparedness Training in New York State

Beyond having a plan you might want to consider emergency preparedness training. New York State Offers a class and currently, Governor Kathy Hochul is pushing New Yorkers to sign up and be trained.

You want to find a New York State Citizens Preparedness Corps Training near you. Fortunately, the state offers courses all over New York. Possibly consider taking the class with your age-appropriate family members so you are all on the same page.


How to Sign Up for Emergency Alerts About Weather

New York State has a free emergency alert system that you can sign up for so you can receive necessary messages. Being aware and getting notice ahead of a severe weather event is part of being safe. Sign up for NY-Alert.

It is also important that you keep emergency numbers on your phone. Make sure you have contact numbers for anyone you may need to reach including your neighbors. In an emergency being able to speak with your neighbors over the phone or through social media can also be very beneficial.

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Billy Joe's Ribworks via Facebook
Billy Joe's Ribworks via Facebook

New York State Releases Safety Ideas In Case of Severe Weather

As we get ready for a summer that is sure to have its share of weather emergencies be sure to add to your readiness a review of what to do in case of things such as a tornado, severe lighting, flash flooding, and more. New York state has issued a guide plus it includes supplies every New Yorker should keep handy.

You may laugh at some of the preparedness tips that were issued but it is important that you adhere to them for your safety.

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