Halloween is all about the kids right?

It should be. It can be hard to take the kids trick or treating and handing out candy at the same time.

Like some people we decided to leave out a bowl of candy (the good stuff, Peanut butter cups, Hershey Bars) and asked everyone to take one on the honor system.

It worked well, I think. After walking the kids around for almost 2 hours and collecting like 10 pounds of candy, we came home and there was still candy left in our bowl. So the honor system worked in my neighborhood.

Not so much in this one.

I'm not sure where this happened, but someone put a bunch of candy on their porch with a sign asking people to use the honor system. To make sure people were following the honor system they put up a hidden camera and actually caught someone's mom stealing most of it. At least I think it's a mom.

Take a look..