Young customers and their parents continue to visit a Hudson Valley Toys R Us with letters of support after it closes down forever.

After being open for over 30 years in Poughkeepsie, the "world's biggest toy store" shut their doors at the end of June. Generations of customers are still mourning the loss of the iconic retailer by leaving notes and letters at a makeshift memorial in front of the store.

Letters from children and their parents are posted on the windows of the now-closed store. Some of the messages are simply heartbreaking. One child wrote, " Sorry you had to go. Wish the(re) was no online and technology."

Besides letters from children, there are also notes from parents who share their favorite Toys R Us memories. Ida writes "Thank you for my first bike and every bike ride my kids took 'testing' bikes in your aisles... you made childhood better. You will be missed."

Here are some more letters that have been left at the empty Route 9 store:

Letters to Toys R Us

There is also one note left for the customers of Toys R Us to read. It says "Thank you Poughkeepsie!! Thank you for over 30 years of laughter, love and joy" It's signed "With much love, Toys R Us #6331."

Will you miss Toys R Us? If you can't make it down to the store to leave your message to Geoffrey and the rest of the gang, feel free to post your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Facebook page.

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