I honestly can't remember the last time I actually rode a bike for any length of time. I always rode when I was younger but somewhere around 1992, it became something I used to do. Not really sure why I gave it up.

I also haven't been in a kayak in a while. I have a friend with a lake house and when I am there I always venture out but I didn't get there last year so my kayak adventures have been limited much like my biking outings.

Hydrobiking comes to the Waterfront in Kingston, New York

Hudson Valley Water Sports via Facebook
Hudson Valley Water Sports via Facebook

So why is it when I saw Hudson Valley Water Sports which is located on Abeel Street in Kingston, New York post about their Hydrobikes did I feel immediately drawn to the activity? A hydro bike looks like a bike had a baby with a kayak or a double-hulled sailboat. Either way, it looks so cool.

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If you go to Hudson Valley Water Sports' website you will see a variety of options to get you out on the water including Hydrobiking which starts at $39.99 and is apparently for ages 7 and up. They also have a Whaly you can rent starting at $199.

Browse our exciting packages. We keep groups small with a maximum of 6 people not including your boat’s Captain and First Mate. Perfect for couples, families, and businesses. Always include Hudson Valley Waters ports charter boat excursions anytime you’re in the Hudson Valley. (via hvwatersports.com)

If I decide to head out this summer I will be sure to share the experience but I think I may brush up on my land biking before I attempt to bike the Hudson River.

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