Fall golf is some of the best golf in the Hudson Valley. I know a lot of you prefer your it to be hot and sunny when you hit the links but there is nothing like a cool sunny afternoon to help your ball go just a little farther on the course. Okay, I just made that up I don't actually know if that it true or if it just seems that way because the air is weighted down with humidity but I truly believe my golf ball gain a few yards in the fall temps. However according to Golf Digest I am wrong the ball actually doesn't go as far in cold weather.

Most of the golf courses in the Hudson Valley offer golf right up thru the first snow. So before you put the shoes in mothballs for the winter consider getting out to the course a few more times. My goal is to see how late I can actually play golf in New York. One year I played on Thanksgiving weekend. I am hope to beat that record this year by playing the first week in December for my birthday.

The last few years snow has shown up as early October and caused most courses to close. My fingers are crossed that even though we are supposed to have a bad winter we don't actually see any winter weather until closer to Christmas.

So find that extra scarf and winter vest and lets tee it up as long as we can this season. And you may want to buy an extra sleeve of balls. If you have ever played golf in the fall you know how hard it is to find your ball in the leaves. Not the time of year for yellow or orange balls.

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