Back at the end of January, I told you we had about 8 weeks to go before we would be able to hit the golf course again in the Hudson Valley. Well, we are rounding into the middle of February and it appears golf might be closer than we think.

Even though the Groundhog told us we had six more weeks of winter it seems maybe we have been spared a big snowstorm. Yes, the temperatures have been extremely cold but luckily we have had to did out.

Where to Golf in the Hudson Valley

Paty Quyn
Paty Quyn

Hudson Valley golf tends to lift off for the season around the same time that The Masters is being played on TV. This year the would be April 6th through the 9th. The key to all of us being on the course at the same time they are out hitting a round in Augusta is that we keep any late winter snow out of the forecast.

I have a feeling weather is going to break in Hudson Valley Golf's favor plus today we got another great sign that golf season is fast approaching. One of the Hudson Valley's most popular golf courses announced today on social media that they are opening their Proshop and Driving Range this Friday (February 10, 2023).

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Driving Range and Pro Shop at Apple Greens Golf Course

Apple Greens Golf Course in Highland posted that this is a "One Day Only Event" so tell the boss or anyone else you had plans with Friday that you are busy. Your golf bag is calling for some outdoor driving fun. The Pro Shop and Driving Range will be open from 10 AM to 6 PM. The course and cafe remain closed.

Golf Vacation close to the Hudson Valley

Private Golf Course and 17 Bed Airbnb Makes for Perfect Bachelor Party in New England

This Airbnb rental comes with a private golf course making it the best place for a bachelor party in New England.

Some Top Golf Courses in New York

RANKED: Top 25 Golf Courses in Upstate New York

There are numerous "best golf course" lists circulating. These are proposed by popular golf magazines, websites, golf professionals, and others. Surprisingly, almost all of them agree on the best New York courses, with some moving one particular course up or down slightly in their rankings.

I like this list of Top 100 Golf Courses online in association with sports company TaylorMade. I like it because for each entry they also put a bit of course history in their comments section. Each of the top 25 golf courses in Upstate New York (in this gallery) have a link "to the list" so you can see other courses, not in Upstate, and where they ranked.

Note: This featured gallery includes just the top 25 for Upstate New York, but there are others, so be sure and check "the list."

Have you played any of these great golf courses?

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