This is an exciting week we have St. Patrick's Day, the first day of Spring and now I also just discovered that the first day of Hudson Valley golf season 2021 could be as early as this Friday (March 19, 2021).

Apple Green's Golf Course in Highland has announced that they will be opening this Friday for the 2021 season. They are still following the CDC and USGA guidelines for golf during COVID but they are looking forward to have everyone back for a new year of Hudson Valley golf.

I reached out to some other popular courses in the region and a few of them responded with dates that they are hoping to open. Be sure to checkout the courses I listed for you in the gallery below.

Casperkill Golf Club got back to me via Facebook and stated that they are hoping to open their season on March 27, 2021 which is a week from Saturday. They are keeping an eye on the weather. So I suggest you keep an eye on their Facebook page for an update soon.

McCann Memorial Golf Course has set a tentative date of April 1, 2021. That would make their opening day a Thursday so you may have to play hooky from work. They also said it will be a weather permitting situation so keep an eye on their Facebook page too..

8 Hudson Valley Golf Courses

We thought you might like to see where you could play a round of golf in the Hudson Valley. Here are a few public courses that I found who welcome you to come out and enjoy the game. They very in skill level so you should be able to find one that matches your game.

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