Most of us only worry about two-time shifts a year, spring forward and fall back. Going in and out of Day Light Savings Time can be frustrating, but when time starts shifting at the golf course, it is a whole other experience.

Living in the Northeast we have to deal with the days getting shorter and less time to do outdoor activities this time of year because the sun goes down earlier. We have been losing daylight since Sunday, June 20, the Summer Equinox. We don't have to worry about the clock change until November 7th, 2021 but we do need to realize that the sun is going down earlier.

There is some good news in this if you are an end-of-day golfer. This is the week that many Hudson Valley Golf Courses will be changing their twilight times. For those not familiar twilight time refers to end-of-day golf. The idea is you get a lower rate but you also have to golf quickly so you don't run out of daylight.

Twilight rates also allow you to play as many holes as you can before it is considered too dark to play. This is one of the reasons golfers enjoy this time on the course. If you play quickly and the course is open enough you might get in all 18.

Today Apple Greens Golf Course in Highland posted their new twilight time it is now 5:15 to 7:45PM.

Other Golf Courses to Check for Twilight Rates:

West Point Golf Course - Route 218 West Point - (845) 938-2435

Casperkill Golf Club - 10 Golf Club Lane Poughkeepsie - (845) 463-0900

The Garrison Golf Course - 2015 US Route 9 Garrison - (845) 424-4747

McCann Memorial Golf Course - 55 Wilbur Boulevard - (845) 471-3917

How many of these courses have you played?

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