If you do the grocery shopping for your house, did you know that there is a trick to make sure you buy the freshest eggs?

According to Thrillist, if you want to find the freshest eggs possible when you're shopping at the grocery store, don't just look at the expiration date on the package. There's another number on the carton that's even more accurate than the expiration date.

If you look closely at the egg carton there should be another line of numbers that will either be above or below the expiration date and three of those numbers are the "Julian date," which tells you when they were packed.

The Julian date will look a little different than the type of date we are used to seeing. The three numbers represent a specific day of the year between 1 and 365. So if they were packed on April 4, the Julian date would be "094," because it's the 94th day of the year. And December 31st would be "365," because it's the last day of the year. Make sense?

Depending on the brand of eggs, the Julian date might be the first three digits, or the last three and once you find it, just look for the carton with the most recent Julian date, and those should be the freshest eggs.

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