Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani made an unexpected (and very funny) cameo during Super Bowl LV on Feb. 7, in the form of a T-Mobile commercial which envisioned a scenario involving the perils of a substandard 5G network.

In the start of the clip, Stefani calls up her The Voice comrade Adam Levine, supposedly flashing back to her post-divorce days when she was ready to start feeling her way out into the dating world.

"Hey Adam," Stefani says into her phone. "I think I'm ready to start dating again."

When Levine responds with a cheerful greeting and asks what she's looking for, Stefani replies, "I'm sick of L.A. guys. I want someone completely different. Maybe someone from another country, and someone cultured, sensitive, and who is not threatened by a strong, confident woman," she adds.

Stefani's phone signal is apparently not strong, and Levine is left hearing the following due to a spotty connection: "I'm sick of L.A. guys, I want someone completely country. Uncultured and threatened by a strong confident woman."

Guess who walks into the picture right at that moment? Yep, it's Shelton in all his glory, carrying an armful of wings and nachos.

"I have your guy," Levine assures Stefani.

Cut to their first date: Stefani is dazed when Shelton shows up at a fancy restaurant, dressed in Oklahoma casual and even sporting spurs on his feet. "Did you ride a horse here?" asks an incredulous Stefani.

"Yeah," replies Shelton. "Want a ride home?"

The moral of the (ad) story: Don't trust your love life to just any network.

Super Bowl LV took place on Sunday (Feb. 7) and featured a rousing version of the National Anthem performed by Eric Church and Jazmine Sullivan.

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