We try to get in on the whole royal wedding thing.

Every Friday, Jess and I do what we can to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and to do that we come up with a reason to go outside and frolic around like 2 morons.

This week we decided to frolic for the big royal wedding that is taking place tomorrow (Sat 5/19) as Prince Harry marries Megan Markle. To get in the royal wedding mood, Jess came up with a way for us all to have our very own royal wedding names.

To get you very own fancy name all you do is take either Lord or Lady, then one of your grandparents first names as your first name, your first pets name is your last name and where your from is the name of the street that you grew up on.

My name would be Lord Anna Dallas of Oaklawn....Jess would be Lady Philamenia Bonnie of Darlene.

We have our names and are ready to frolic away.....

What is your royal name? Let us know on Facebook. Have a great weekend!

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