Yes, it's Friday, and it's time to "Frolic."

Every Friday Jess and I try with all we have to send you into the weekend with a little smile on your face with what we call "Frolic Friday."

This week I'm not going to let Jess not being here stop me from frolicking around like an absolute moron. Every week we try to have a frolic theme, and I thought after reading about Omarosa from the Apprentice TV show having a meltdown after getting fired from the White House the other day, she would be the perfect theme.

So let's head outside....

WOW...It's cold outside, but after a little frolic, I feel toasty!

If you are having a tough day or just need a way to warm up a little bit, why not give frolicking a shot. All you need to do is drop your arms to your side, point out your hands and start skipping and yelling around. Give it a try. I promise you'll feel GREAT after your done!

Have a great weekend and make sure your listening on Monday for your first chance to get qualified to win season passes to Bethel Woods for next year and for Jess taking the ice bucket challenge, FINALLY!!!

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