Yes it's raining but it's FRIDAY!!!!

The weekend is just about here and Jess and I want to celebrate with our weekly frolic and oh yes we get wet.

If you don't know, for the last few years Jess and I officially kick off every weekend with a nice smile inducing frolic outside of the radio station. Every week we try to come up with a theme for our frolic and this week we decided that mother nature was going to pick our theme for us with all of this rain.

So away we go...

Man it's wet out there! Thanks again to Tom Dobson for coming in this morning and blessing us with some great music. If you missed Tom on the show get a recap here.

Have a great weekend and if you have an idea of what Jess and I should frolic for next week, make sure you get in touch with us to share your idea. Remember that nothing is out of the question, you think it, we do it!

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