It's Friday and time to kick off the weekend!

With the weekend staring us in the face every Friday morning, Jess and I do our best to send you into the weekend with a big smile on your face.

To attempt to do that we always head outside of the radio station to the parking lot to take part in a weekly tradition, now known world wide as "Frolic Friday"

Each week we try to come up with some ridiculous theme for our frolic and the last few weeks our theme has been easy as we have been doing the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show live from schools all across the Hudson Valley.

This week, just like the rumored aliens, we landed in the heart of Pine Bush at Crispell Middle School, all thanks to Jen who signed up the school last month.

She told us about some of the great stuff the kids have been doing so far this school year and some of the highlights are that they are just about done in the Kindness Challenge that 61 schools across the country are taking part in. The challenge is aimed at teaching kids about all kinds of topics including cyber bullying and a bunch more.

They are doing such a great job at Crispell we thought some of the students in the schools media class and some of the great staff would like to join us in frolic Friday....

WOW!! They did such a great job and we really just wanted to thank everyone that made our visit so much fun.

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