Yes the weekend is here!

Every Friday Jess and I try to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and to try and do just that we head out to frolic like two morons and this week we had some company.

If you missed it, Jess and I did our show on Friday at Deising's Bakery on North Front Street in Kingston to celebrate National Bakery Day and to help raise some money for the Mitchell family as Al Mitchell battles brain cancer, more on that here.

So while we were in Kingston we decided to head outside to frolic near a big sign in front that had our names on it and wouldn't you know it we ran into a fan of the show who joined in with us....

Thanks again to Eric who was a frolic champion!

As we say every Friday, if you having a rough day or week, nothing will make your day automatically turn around like a good frolic and to do it all you need to do is the following....

Find an open space
Drop your hands to your side
Point your hands out
Start skipping around

BOOM, your frolicking....Have a great weekend!

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