Lookout weekend, here we come!

It's Friday and if you listen to the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show on a regular basis, you already know that the weekend can't start until Jess and I head outside of the radio station to "frolic".

This week we wanted to dedicate our weekly frolic to all the dads in the Hudson Valley. Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a nice frolic around the parking lot like two morons.

Happy Father's Day!!!

If you are doing a BBQ this weekend for dad you might want to make it a little more interesting by asking dad if he will join you in a nice frolic. I promise if you ask dad he'll do it, just make sure you capture it on video and send it in to us on Facebook.

To frolic all you need to do is find a little open space, drop your arms to your side, point out your hands and start skipping around and BOOM, your frolicking just like us!!!

Have a great weekend!

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