It's Friday and it's time for us to officially kick off the weekend with a nice frolic.

Every Friday Jess and I do what we can to send you into the weekend with a smile on your face and to do that we head outside of the Wolf studios for a nice brisk frolic.

Yes, we are morons and this week we decided that we are going to frolic in celebration of the new movie "A Quiet Place" which is in theaters today, and if you didn't know, some of the movie was filmed right here in the Hudson Valley.

The movie is being described as one of the scariest movies in a long time and follows the idea of "If they can't hear you, they can't hunt you."

So we are going to do the first ever silent frolic because we don't want to be hunted. And away we go...

If you would like to give frolicking a try all you need to do is drop your hands to your side, point out your hands and start skipping around where ever you are. I do promise you that it will at least wake you up a little bit.

Thanks for watching and have a great weekend!

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