Yes we are two morons that will do just about anything to make sure you have a good weekend.

If you missed it on the show this today, we got talking about what's making you feel good as we head into the weekend. Maybe you have exciting plans this weekend, maybe it's something that's going on at work, are you looking forward to an upcoming vacation?

What ever it may be, we want to hear about it and if you have nothing that's making you feel good, don't freak out, we have you covered. All you need to do is join us for a nice brisk "frolic".

If you need a laugh, here we go with our "Friday Feel Good Frolic"......

I don't know about you but I now feel GREAT!!

Do you need something to make you feel good? I promise that frolicking will work wonders for you. I dare you to give it try!

To frolic all you need to do is stop what your doing, stand up, drop you arms down to your side, point your hands out and start skipping around. Go ahead and try it.

Have a great weekend!

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