Residents in the Springtown Road area of New Paltz have spotted what appears to be at least one pair of coyotes.  According to residents, the coyotes have killed several smalls dogs and stalking other dogs. An reporter for the New Paltz Times talked to several eyewitnesses about these coyotes. They were described as unusually large and appeared very healthy. Also, the pair seemed to show very bold behavior.

The article discussed several different incidents in the area of Spring Road, all of which were reported to the New Paltz Police Department and Department of Environmental Conservation. The DEC says, these are coyotes and not wolves. They say spring is the time of year when coyotes set up their dens and begin to show more aggressive hunting behaviors. Conflicts with pets and people are more numerous, as the coyotes they are more territorial around their dens and always foraging for food to feed their young pups.

The Town of New Paltz told the New Paltz Times that residents should take precautions. Don't feed pets outside; don’t let animals near garbage; eliminate birdseed; and cut brush and small grass. Finally, don’t let small pets roam free.

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