Okay, so we're using the word "teach" very loosely here. However, we did go hang out with a bunch of middle school students earlier this week.

If you've been following along you'd know that CJ and I are doing anything for YOU to become a Wolf Pack member for life. Whatever you need to be done, we'll try to get done for you.

A few weeks ago, Julianna from the Lagrange area reached out to us and shared that she is a first-year math teacher at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, New York. Julianna had a few asks for us including teaching one of her classes and bringing food to her fellow faculty members.

So we packed up the Wolf Truck and headed up to Red Hook. A quick stop at Taste Buds to pick up sandwiches and chips for the teachers and we were ready to go!

We were greeted by the sweetest office staff at Linden Avenue middle school and were whisked away to Julianna's (AKA Miss.L) middle school math class. Naturally, me and CJ disrupted the wrong class, but that's how we roll.

We took a few questions from Miss. L's first class really seemed to be interested in radio and asked a ton of great questions. The second class we met with really challenged us.

Seriously, they gave us a math equation to solve. Something with a's b's and c's squared. It took me and CJ a minute, but we actually go the answer right! So yeah, we're just as smart at 7th graders.

We'll Do Anything continues for the next few weeks, so if you haven't gotten your Do Anything request in...DO IT NOW. Click HERE and fill out the form today! 

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