It was time to quit horsin' around and get to work.

We'll Do Anything is rolling on and this week we headed out to Northern Dutchess. A few weeks ago, Stephanie from Milan sent us a "Do Anything" suggestion and asked if we would come out to her farm and groom a few horses.

Hay, we'll do anything. So we packed up the Wolf Truck and headed out to Hidden Hollow Farm in Red Hook. Hidden Hollow Farm has a handful of horses that are used for therapy with those with and without disabilities. According to the website, they are a 501c3 not-for-profit with a mission to provide "safe, educational and pleasurable therapeutic riding facility for people with and without disabilities."

CJ and I arrived at the farm and Stephanie and her friendly crew were there to welcome us. But they put us to work right away. We were able to work with a horse name Charlie who was probably the most peaceful horse we've ever met.

Charlie was a little dirty after frolicking around in the rain and mud the night before. Stephanie handed us 2 brushes and got us going. Don't get us wrong, we were a little nervous being around such a large animal however after a few brushed both myself and CJ realized just how relaxing and theraputic being around Charlie was.

Once all the dirt was gone, we cleaned Charlie's hooves and led him around the grounds to enjoy some delicious grass as a snack.

You can watch me and CJ get into our new horse grooming business below:

What can we do for you? We'll do anything! Download and install the Wolf Country app, tap on "They'll do anything" and let us know what we can do for you and in return you'll be a Wolf Pack member for life!

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