We're at it again! Me and CJ hit the road this weekend to fulfill a "We'll Do Anything" task in New Paltz.

Last week we received a request from Jessica (great name!) to come out to New Paltz to sling some ice cream at Twistee Cone. We announced Jessica's name and gave her 9 minutes and 77 seconds to call us back...and she did! In record time!

So, CJ and I got our best scooping form ready and headed out to Ulster County.

Jessica welcomed us with open arms...and a cone mascot costume, which CJ happily threw on. Then they put us to work. We learned how to make milkshakes, and slushies, and of course, we did some taste testing.

If you like hard ice cream, you have to try its spicy mango or lavender honey flavors. They are to die for!

Did you know when you twist your soft-serve cone, then dunk it in the hard shell liquid and leave it upside down for a moment, if it doesn't fall off the cone you've done it right!?

It's just one of the many lessons we learned with the Twistee Cone family over the weekend. Watch below as me and CJ sling some ice cream for Twistee Cone:

Yeah we know, we should keep our day jobs. But we really will do anything.

There's still time to send in your suggestion and become one of our Wolf Pack Members. Download and install the Wolf Country app, tap on "They'll Do Anything" and send us your suggestion.

We'll pick a new task to complete every weekday morning at 8:15 on The Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show. Good luck!

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