CJ and I were at it again this week traveling around the Hudson Valley completing "do anything' tasks for our Wolf Pack.

If you haven't been following along, let us fill you in. Me and CJ were tasked with growing our Wolf Pack to 50,000 members. The suits upstairs don't think we can do that and we're here to prove them wrong with your help!

We asked you to let us know what we can do for you, and WE'LL DO ANYTHING.

So far we've done a wide array of tasks. From grooming horses to serving up ice cream, CJ and I have been pretty busy and we don't mind one bit.

Back in April, Bob from Middletown asked us if we could fill his gas tank for him. With gas prices the way they are right now, over $5 a gallon in some parts of the Hudson Valley, we wanted to help as much as possible.

Bob brought his beautiful car Gina out to Newburgh and let us fill her up. Check out the video below:

Gina sure is pretty and extremely thirsty. Hopefully, Bob hasn't burned off all the gas just yet!

We're still looking to get our Wolf Pack to 50,000 members and we're so close. So we want to know...what can we do for you? Download and install The Wolf Country app, tap on "They'll Do Anything" and share how we can help you. Remember it can be anything!

Follow us on Instagram @HVCountry to see what "Do Anything" tasks we've completed!

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