Ask anyone who knows me and one of the first things they’ll tell you about me, I think, is that I love to decorate our little home for the holidays, specifically the mantle. I love that we have a fireplace in our home with a mantle. I always wanted one so that I could decorate to my heart’s content, and I do.  Every month, I decorate it either for a holiday, someone’s birthday, a special anniversary, or any occasion that needs celebrating.

This month, it’s April and it's all about Easter at our house. You can't go too far in our little cottage without seeing bunnies, eggs, and pastel colors of all kinds. I, of course, had help with this month's mantle from both of our grandsons. It has become our tradition to do it together and I love that. As we open each box and unwrap that month's decorations, we talk about where things have come from and family memories. I feel like I am helping to keep our family's traditions alive.

Here is this month's mantle and I hope you like it. Plus, if you missed my previous mantles for December, January, February, and March there’s links to all of them after this month's video.


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