Ask anyone who knows me and one of the first things they'll tell you about me, I think, is that I love to decorate our little home for the holidays, specifically the mantle. I love that we have a fireplace in our home with a mantle. I always wanted one so that I could decorate to my heart’s content, and I do.  Every month, I decorate it either for a holiday, someone’s birthday, a special anniversary, or any occasion that needs celebrating.

Beth Christy
Beth Christy

This month, it's a birthday we are celebrating, and not just any birthday but a very special one, because our little grandson is turning 5. A fact that I am having a hard time coming to terms with because that means he will soon be off to kindergarten, which only makes me cry. So, let's not talk about that now.

He was a miracle baby and he is well-loved by all of us. I am not objective when it comes to him, but I don't pretend to be. I thought I'd share his birthday mantle with you. You should know, that I was given strict instructions on where to place everything, but we had a lot of fun putting it together. I hope you like it, because that will really make him smile.

Plus, if you missed my previous mantles for December, January, and February, there’s links to all of them at the bottom of this post.

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