It's finally here, my favorite holiday, time of year, and season. Christmas! I could work on Christmas all year long, whether it's figuring out that year's decorating theme, sewing, cooking, baking, you name it.

Every month at my house, I decorate our mantle. Some months the theme is pretty obvious ie Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas etc. While others may celebrate a birthday, an accomplishment by someone in our family, or even celebrate visiting relatives.

I always wanted a mantle and when we bought our house, I vowed it would never be left stagnant with the same things on it month after month. Over this past year, I've shared with you each month's mantle and I must say that I have a great decorating partner, my grandson Bentley.

Although, this month I was in a little bit of hot water with him, as I explain in the video. Plus, we have a new member of our family. When our Bella kitty passed away a few months ago, we weren't looking for another pet, but Miss Tilly needed a home and, as it turned out, we needed her.

I hope you like this month's mantle. I would love to see photos of your home decorated for the holidays. If you want to take a look back at all of this past year's mantles, here you go! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from my home to yours.

Bonus Video

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