Give me a mantle and I will show you hundreds of ways to decorate for holidays, special events, birthdays, or the start of a new school year. Even when I am fighting a cold, as I have been these past few days, I am all about decorating.

I love to decorate our little home, known as our cottage, but my favorite space is the mantle. In fact, I think it may have been the mantle that made me fall in love with our house in the first place. Every month, I decorate it either with holiday items such as Santas and Christmas Trees, colors like all green for St. Patrick’s Day, photos and mementos for special birthdays, fresh-cut flowers in all sizes and shapes of vases to celebrate summer, and other tricks I have up my sleeve.

This month, of course, it is all about Valentine’s Day. Our mantle is awash in pink, purple, red, and white. I have displayed some of my teddy bear collection, I say some because I couldn’t fit all of my bears on our mantle at one time. As with many of my mantles, this one has some pretty special memories attached to it, like the bears my Dad sent me when I was away at college, the ones I bought my husband when he was in the hospital for Valentine’s Day one year, and bears of remembrance for those in our family we have lost.

How do you decorate your home for Valentine's Day? Do you put a heart-shaped wreath up, have bowls of conversation hearts around, put paper valentines that your kids have made up all around your house? I'd love to hear your decorating ideas. Happy Valentine's Day! If you missed any of my previous mantles, you can see all of them below.

Mantles at Christy Cottage



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