What drivers should NOT do if you see a tree in the road.

The last few days across the east coast we've experienced some crazy weather. We've had temperatures reach close to 100 degrees, and anytime that happens it usually means that we can expect some serious thunderstorms. That's exactly what we got over the last few days as mother nature has been extremely furious!!

The latest round of thunderstorms have been pretty loud and damaging across New York and in Connecticut and with damaging storms comes downed power lines and downed trees everywhere. Downed trees and power lines can cause serious issues when it comes to diving and if you find yourself driving in, or through a big storm, this is something you'd probably like to avoid, according to NBC Connecticut....

WOW!! That's is my biggest fear when driving in a storm. Now, according to the NBC cameraman who captured the video, the crew did check on the driver and he was OK after slamming into the tree. The accident took place on Ellington Road in South Windsor, Connecticut on Wednesday afternoon and just goes to show you that you really never know what you'll come across during a nasty summer storm.

As far as more summer storms go, the odds say that we've only just begun, so be extra careful while driving in your neighborhood. Side note!! You might as well take this time to make sure you have fresh batteries at home and maybe some candles too, just in case the power goes out.

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