I'm stumped!

Living in and around the Hudson Valley for over twenty years, I consider myself one of those people that can remember what many businesses were before they closed down. We have a ton of places that sit abandoned all across the area and anytime someone asks me what used to be there, I'm pretty good at having an answer.

My area of expertise (LOL) is mostly in parts of Ulster County and some parts of Dutchess County. Now if you haven't driven around recently, we do so many places that sit empty, unfortunately, but to have some fun with closed-up places, you might want to play a game my kids love to play.

Anytime I drive around with my kids in the car with me, if we drive past a place that is boarded up or closed, they always think it's fun to ask me what used to be there before they closed. Almost every place we drive past I have an answer for, but for the first time in forever the other night they stumped me.

We were driving out on route 55 in Poughkeepsie the other night, and while we were sitting at the light near Overlook Rd, my son Jackson asked me what this building used to be?

Google Maps
Google Maps

As we pulled away I tried to come up with an answer but came up with nothing. I have no clue!! After reexamining the picture by the signs that are on the window areas, I think it might have been some sort of convenience store or something, but I'm not sure.

Can you help identify it? What was it? Did you ever go there? HELP!! Let us know in the comment section below or through the Wolf app.

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