Earlier this year after having some undefined winter bug that had me off coffee for a week I decided to cut out coffee altogether. I was a large Mcdonalds cup of coffee girl at least once a day and that was after I had already drank half a pot of coffee before I left the house. You could say I had a bit of a habit.

I was the girl who could drink coffee all day and then have a cup after dinner and still fall asleep. It's a gift but it is also not that great for your health. I couldn't have imagined switching to decaf but that is exactly what happen. Then Covid 19 hit and I found myself needing more energy.

Let's face it whether you are working from home or not it has been stressful these past 8 plus weeks. All of that stress causes fatigue and is seems we are busier than ever simply because everything take so much more effort. I found myself needing energy but not wanting to return to my coffee with caffeine so I need to find something else to use as a pick me up.

Sleep.com had the answers and the funny part I had already started doing some them without even realizing it. I love mint green tea and it became my go to lately in the afternoon in place of that cup of coffee. And at home we have had more time to prepare meals so we are making smarter food choices like oat bread and fresh pineapple. So I was so happy when I looked up what I could do to have more energy and realized I was on the right track. My protein bar with dark chocolate even turns out to be a good thing.

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