Things don't have to be old to be worth money. Antiques and collectibles are just about everyone's fascination. You would have to be living under a rock not to have heard of "The American Pickers" or "Antiques Roadshow." So what is it about stuff that makes it so valuable. In my opinion it is two simple things, how hard is it to find and do people still want it?

Things that are hard to find or that are made of materials that might not hold up over time tend to have value. In the antiques world the term "rare" is thrown around. In the collectible world it could be simply that it was a toy or a consumable that people used and therefore it wore out or actually go used up.

Things that people still want is the tricky one. People are fickle and trends change with style, economic and generations. In the antique world things tend to circle back after a certain time period. In the collectible world it can be as simple as people enjoy a character or a concept. I have to have anything to do with the original Wizard of Oz, I know not very original.

Recently a list of the 40 most valuable toys was published by Good Housekeeping and Country Living shared it on line. It might amaze you how many of these toys you had and threw out. As the Sheldon character from Big Bang always says "it's mint in box" that is the one worth the big bucks.

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