Let's face it one of the hardest things to clean in a house is the windows. Now that the weather is getting better we are going to want to look outside and there is nothing worst  than a window covered in winter dirt. So I guess we will need to get cleaning.

I have never been good at window washing which is probably why I hate doing it so much. I have friends who can wipe a window clean with minimal effort. I, on the other hand seem to be at it for hours. But now that the sun is shining I am going to have to tackle the job before it gets worst.

This week the sunnier days made me realize I have to do something about my windows before they get so bad I have to call a professional. So I decided to search the internet for the answer instead of using my old method that basically just left me with streaky windows and cleaning up newspaper soaked in glass cleaner. So here is what I found.

Good Housekeeping has a clean lab that suggests you clean your windows on a dry cloudy day. I did not know that, this could be part of what I was doing wrong. They also say removing dust and dirt from the window first is a big help. They even suggest using a vacuum. I agree mostly because you will probably find a dead bug or two and who wants to touch a dead bug, not me.

Picking out the right cleaner is also important according to their lab, but they also give you a recipe for homemade cleaner that involves using vinegar. As for what to wipe the window with the new suggestion is microfiber cloth. I think that will work better than the latest issue of the Times. The great thing about micro-fiber clothes is you can also reuse them which make it easier to clean your window more often.

Apparently, cleaning your windows once or twice a year is also suggested and Good Housekeeping says you can skip the squeegee. That is going to be bad news for my husband who is also my window cleaning partner, he loves to use the squeegee.

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