Was anyone else DEATHLY afraid of these when they were younger?

I remember it like it was yesterday, anytime we would visits my aunt and uncles house on Long Island back in the day I had a younger cousin that was so afraid of the Jack in the Box toy. She was so scared of it that anytime we would play with it she would start crying and doing that young kid, huff and puff cry. You remember the one, where it sounds like your hyper ventilating! Let me say a few of us were awful kids because we would play with the toy just so she would freak-out! AWFUL KIDS...LOL!

As I stroll down memory lane, I thought why not bring the "Jack in the Box" out of my aunts closet and cause some chaos...all for a great reason. FREE CONCERT TICKETS!!! We've been super lucky here at the Wolf to get our hands on tickets to four great shows coming to our neck of the woods in the next few months. Here are the shows we have so far....

Brantley Gilbert at the Orange County Fairgrounds on Thursday August 26th.

Little Big Town at Hartford Healthcare Amphitheater in Bridgeport on August 26th.

Old Dominion at Bethel Woods on Saturday August 28th.

Brett Young with Maddie and Tae at Mohegan Sun on Friday November 12th.

We "stuffed" all four headliners into our make shift "Jack in the Box" and all you need to do each weekday morning is call us at 845-454-9770 when we tell you and pick who you think is going to pop out of the box. Get it right and your on your way to the show.

Good luck!!

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