There are lots of wonderful things about summer. Friends, BBQs, warm weather, time off are all things we look forward to in July and August. I enjoy the summer months for lots of reason but one of thing that I enjoy the most about the summer is fresh peaches.

To me the peach is the taste of summer. Sure you can say that s'mores are something that everyone attributes to summer but the reality is they are more the food of campfires. Hot dogs say ball park to me and potato salad is something I will make in the dead of winter. But a good peach can only be found fresh in the summer.

The peach is the perfect fruit. It goes with everything. You can eat them plain. You can also put them on top of everything, ice cream, salad, pancakes even pork. Peaches make everything taste like a beautiful summer day. They are sunshine with fuzzy skin and a big pit.

The fuzzy skin is a turn off for some people. My sister won't eat a peach without peeling it first. Have you ever tried to peel a peach? You end up sticky, peaches aren't meant to be peeled.

A lot of our Hudson Valley farm markets make fresh peach pies. I have had both Weeds Orchards and Wright's Farm. I would recommend both unless you want to try making your own. I don't bake so I always search out a summer pie from a local farm market.

If pie isn't your thing then maybe you want to try using fresh peaches in your summer drinks. A fresh peach in Prosecco makes for a fun summer brunch beverage. Adding peaches to red or white sangria is delicious and a Peach Martini makes a refreshing summer cocktail. It 's Peach season get out and enjoy.

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